Terra Genesis


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Frequently Asked Questions

    Sooo.. what is your name, really?
My name is Terra, really.
      How old are you?
I am 31 years old.
      Where are you from?
I am from the Internet, USA. In a state of mind. :)
      Do you have a Master in real life?
My husband is my dominant, We do not have a Master/Slave dynamic and that is okay. 
      I am a Dom, why won't you do what I say, bitch? 
I don't submit to everyone who barks an order at me, if you woulld like to dominate me, you may begin a session with me and I will be happy to jump at every order.
      What are those things hanging behind you? Which one is your favorite?
Oh those? :) Those are my impact tools, they are for spanking and impact play. Choosing a favorite is impossible, like choosing a favorite child. I do have favorites for every feeling, location or material. A tool for every occasion.
      What is "Edge"?
Edging is a form of orgasm denial, I can get close to cumming but I may not cum. I try to get as close to cumming as possibe without going over the edge. It's challenging!
      Do you really do this stuff in Real Life?
Yes, I am involved in my local BDSM community. I love it, live it and it's not just for show.
      Do you do in person sessions?
Not at this time.
      Will you watch my cam?
I do watch shows when I'm not doing my show. If you would like me to watch your cam while I'm doing my show, you can take me private, I'll be happy to watch you during our session.
      Do you fake oragsms?
No! Why bother faking it when it feels so good to do it right?
      How can I contact you for bookings/video ideas/general questions?
I would love for you to contact me! You can do so here